My Projects

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Typescript, Ionic-Angular, Firebase, Figma


  • Browse and shop for a variety of pre-loved outerwear products.
  • Add to cart functionality.
  • Filter products by price, category, availability, and name.
  • Dynamic product listings with detailed descriptions and images.
  • Products and orders are shown from Firestore Database.
  • Complete the purchase process.
  • Dashboard for create, read, update, and delete of product for client.
  • Receiving of order for client.

E-Commerce Web App:
Mix and Stash

Mix and Stash is an e-commerce web app using Ionic-Angular and Firebase. This project is done for client with a business of pre-loved outerwear clothing such as windbreakers, sweaters, jackets, and caps.

Fitness Mobile App:

XenoFit is a fitness application where you can do workouts, set fitness goals, and track your workout progress. This is a school project for Application Development subject/course using Ionic-Angular and Firebase. The design peg of the application is inspired from the app named "Home Workout - No Equipments".

HTML, SCSS, Typescript, Ionic-Angular, Firebase, Figma


  • Firebase authentication using Email/Password provider.
  • Personalized workout.
  • Random motivational qoutes.
  • Do workout with timer.
  • Workout streak.
  • Workout history.
  • Workout calendar.
  • Health calculator.
  • Workout goal.
Technologies: HTML, SCSS, Typescript, Ionic-Angular & Firebase


  • Create, read, update, and delete tasks.
  • Firebase authentication using Google and Email/Password provider.
  • Firebase email verification and forgot password.
  • Uploading and downloading of image using Firebase storage.
  • Mark tasks as completed.
  • Filter tasks by categories, priority, and name.
  • User-friendly interface that enhances the task management experience.

Todo List Web App:

DeListify is a modern web application designed to help users manage their tasks efficiently. Built with a focus on simplicity and usability, this project allows users to organize their tasks effectively and stay productive.

Wireframe & Prototyping:
ILC Technology

A wireframe prototype for children learning about basic computer parts. It provides interactive lessons so they will be more engaged in studying.

Technologies: Figma, Canva
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